FWPD officer that tested positive for COVID-19 returns to duty

Courtesy: Fort Wayne Police Department

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – The Fort Wayne Police Department did have an officer test positive after displaying some symptoms related to the virus. Officials with the FWPD say that the officer went into a self-quarantine in March after not feeling well.

He was later tested and found to be positive for the virus. He continued with the medical care he was receiving. “We are happy to report that he has reported back to duty today, after remaining symptom-free for the appropriate period of time as relayed to us by medical professionals,” said Sgt. Sofia Rosales-Scatena with the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Officials with the FWPD released the following statement:

“This is currently the only case involving and officer in which we have had confirmation of COVID-19. We continue to use all precautions and equipment we can to lessen the exposure our officers have to this virus. If other cases arise we will keep you informed as soon as we can positively confirm information.”