Coronavirus Insanity: “Isolation Envy” is Real




Here are some NOT-so-serious stories we’ve seen about the coronavirus outbreak . . .


  1. A woman in Italy was fined for breaking lockdown rules to .


  1. There’s a woman who wrote in to an advice column for help . . . she’s under , and she’s extremely attracted to him. Both her husband and the brother-in-law’s wife are also there, though. The advice columnist recommended setting boundaries, avoiding being alone with the brother-in-law, and trying to work on her sex life with her husband.


  1. A couple in Australia was fined more than $1,000 after they posted . . . and the police thought they were recent, and violating the ban on non-essential travel. The fine was only revoked when the local news got involved.


  1. A guy in Indiana had into his bank account instead of his $1,700 stimulus. He called his bank . . . and the money wound up getting taken away.


  1. A couple in India as their, quote, “contribution” to the fight against coronavirus.


  1. People are getting “” where they’re jealous of other people’s houses during this lockdown.


  1. The Coronado National Forest in Arizona locked its bathrooms to encourage people to stay at 10分11选5计划 . . . and now people are just outside the bathrooms.


  1. You can to your next Zoom meeting for $65.


  1. A was spotted wandering the empty streets in Nepal.


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