Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler – also, scroll down for some of today’s strangest news that will have you saying, “Did you hear about this one guy that (fill in the blank)?”

– The Ernest character from the “classic” films like “Ernest Goes to Camp” and “Ernest in the Army” started as a character in TV commercials. The ad agency turned him into a movie character when he got popular, but they couldn’t use him in nationwide ads because of exclusive local deals.


– The most-watched episode of a TV series last decade, not counting one-off events like the Super Bowl, was . . . the series premiere of “Undercover Boss” in 2010 with 38.7 million viewers. Probably because it came on right after Super Bowl 44.


– The name of the messaging app Slack is actually an acronym. It stands for Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge.


– The mortar used in the Great Wall of China10分11选5计划 included sticky rice . . . and that’s one of the reasons it’s held together so well.


– Napkins were invented by Leonardo da Vinci in 1491.


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Strange and trending news:

– The average American is streaming eight hours of content a day during lockdown, so a full third of their life. And half of us have binge-watched an entire TV series in less than 48 hours. ()


– There’s a new term that describes sitting around, scrolling through your phone, reading depressing news for hours and hours: “Doomscrolling.” So, what can you do to avoid it and stay mentally healthy? According to a new survey, the top things people are doing are checking in with family and exercising. ()


– There’s a new dating term going around that describes a new break-up method happening during the pandemic: ZUMPED. That’s when someone dumps you over Zoom. ()


– According to a new survey, 58% of Americans say they have trouble remembering what day it is most of the time. And Google searches for “” have spiked. ()


– There’s a woman in England who’s in a relationship with a 92-year-old German CHANDELIER. Yes, she’s sexually attracted to chandeliers. She tried to get discrimination protection recently after an article made fun of her . . . but a board just ruled she doesn’t qualify for having a protected sexual orientation. ()


– A boss at a construction company recently told an employee not to come in because of coronavirus risk . . . and when the guy came in anyway, the boss PUNCHED him in the FACE. The boss was arrested. ()