STUPID CRIMINAL: Just a Bunch of Shadiness at the U-Haul Lot

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I can’t even imagine what the odds are on a coincidence like THIS.

A man and a woman were arguing in a U-Haul parking lot in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday night. And the guy pulled out a FIREWORK . . . lit it . . . and threw it at the woman. She ducked and got out of the way, and the guy left the lot.

But here’s what he DIDN’T know. There was another guy hiding in the U-Haul lot at the time . . . and he was underneath one of the other U-Haul trucks, stealing gas.

Sparks from the firework flew near the gas . . . and four U-Haul trucks burst into flames.

The gas thief and the woman both ran away, and the gas thief’s pants and sleeve were on fire.

The cops dug through security footage to figure out what happened . . . and eventually, they realized the fire was the result of two totally unrelated crimes happening at the same time.

The guy who threw the firework was arrested for reckless endangerment and criminal mischief. The cops haven’t caught the gas thief yet, but he’ll also be facing charges.


While they qualify as a stupid criminal, surely their loved ones would still want them on the right side of a jail cell.

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