STUPID CRIMINAL: Stolen Gummy Bears Help Crack Burglary Cases


I guess this is proof that if you’re filing a police report, you should tell the cops EVERY detail, no matter how insignificant or random it seems.


There’s a guy named Cameron Compton who owns the Midwest Coast Brewing 10分11选5计划 in Chicago. And his business has been hit with three burglaries in the past month.


Well, after the third burglary, as the cops were investigating, Cameron and his wife were making a report when, quote, “My wife made an off-handed comment, sort of joking, saying, ‘They even took our gummy bears.'”


One of the cops ran to the evidence room, grabbed an empty five-pound bag of gummy bears from the Albanese Candy Factory, and asked if those were the gummy bears. It was.


Turns out the cops had busted a couple breaking into a business near Cameron’s brewery, and the guy was mowing through that bag of gummy bears when the cops showed up.


So, the cops arrested 55-year-old Terrence Cole of Chicago for the brewery break-ins. That’s right: It looks like they broke up a string of burglaries all thanks to a bag of gummy bears.



While they qualify as a stupid criminal, surely their loved ones would still want them on the right side of a jail cell.

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