STUPID CRIMINAL: After Two Decades – Michigan Flasher is Caught

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I’m not sure what kinds of major crimes go down in Cascade Township, Michigan . . . a 17,000-person town on the outskirts of Grand Rapids. But apparently the cops were too busy for the past 17 years to solve THIS case.

For almost two decades now, Cascade Township has been dealing with a serial FLASHER. This guy would expose himself on people’s porches or in front of businesses, knock on the window, then start going to town on himself.

And somehow, the cops never caught him.

Until he FINALLY slipped up. In the past few months, he’s been targeting one woman in particular. She had security cameras, which helped the cops get his license plate

And last week, they finally arrested 54-year-old Steven Pastoor. He confessed to all the flashing that’s been going down since 2003. That means when he started, he was in his mid-30s.

He’s been charged with indecent exposure as a sexually delinquent person . . . and if he’s convicted, he’ll be in prison until it’s determined he’s no longer a threat, which could mean the rest of his life.


(Here’s his mugshot.)



While they qualify as a stupid criminal, surely their loved ones would still want them on the right side of a jail cell.

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