We’re Watching Eight Hours of TV a Day Right Now

Have you spent more hours in front of the TV this month than you’ve spent sleeping? Apparently, a full THIRD of our life is dedicated to streaming right now.

The average American has watched EIGHT HOURS of content a day during lockdown, according to a new . Here are six more stats on our current streaming habits . . .


  1. 3 in 4 people admit they’re streaming more content than normal right now.


  1. 65% of parents are letting their kids watch more movies and TV shows than usual. (Shout-out to the 35% who AREN’T using it as a crutch.)


  1. We’re not always searching for fresh content. 56% of people said they frequently re-watch a show instead of starting something new.


  1. The average streamer has access to four different streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. And 38% of us use more than five.


  1. Since the outbreak began, 42% of us have shared a password or used someone else’s login info to stream. The top people we share with are our significant other, a friend, a sibling, and our parents.


  1. We go through an average of three full shows a week. And half of us have binge-watched an entire TV series in less than 48 hours.